Letters from Ugandan inmates in prison in Hong Kong 
(and other items) - 2016  

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November 28 - and one more letter from the Ugandan man who has written other letters, below. In this letters he names Nigerian Drug Lords in Kampala (..John, Michael, Bokan)  ....and their location (the Abuja Restaurant at Kabalagala)

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Kabalagala a red-light disrict of Kampala

Drug addiction and alcoholism fueling crime in Kabalagala - YouTube

???: Kabalagala - No Longer a Narcotics Zone - Uganda Police Force ???

November 21 - Yet another letter from the same Ugandan man as Oct 24 and Oct 17 ... below. His thoughts as he faces being sentenced on December 7

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Above letter and letters below have been put on Facebook of Uganda TV:

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October 24 - Another letter from the last Ugandan to be arrested at HK airport (see below, Oct 17 and Sep 19)

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October 17 - Another letter from the last Ugandan to be arrested at HK airport (see below, Sep 19)

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September 19 - Letter from a Ugandan man in prison in HK for drug trafficking, the last Ugandan to be arrested at HK airport (March 31, 2016).  Inmate has given me the ok to publish this info: he was recruited/sent by 2 Nigerian men in Uganda who used the names "Michael" and "John" and had these phone numbers (which maybe someone might recognise):

Michael:  0751075272 and 0752899414
John: 0790453269 and 0781091590

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July 21

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June 23

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May 27: Letter from a Ugandan inmate in a HK prison, describing how she was tricked at Dubai airport by a West African man to carry some items onto their plane .... and was then arrested at HK airport .... and faces 10 or so years in prison for drug trafficking

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May 27: Letter from another Ugandan inmate in a HK prison, describing how she was tricked by a Nigerian man to help carry an item onto her plane ....but....fortunately!...her story has a happy ending!

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May 16

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May 13

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May 8: Yesterday I emailed this urgent message to media and other contacts in Uganda: Plea to Ugandan media

April 23: Yesterday morning I was at the High Court to support a 48-year old husbandless mother-of-five Ugandan woman. A most sympathetic judge and one of HK's top barristers could do little - because of HK's strict guidelines - to save her from a heavy sentence for drug trafficking. After a reduction of one third for pleading guilty and another one third for good behaviour, she will serve about 9 years. She was in distress before, during and after the trial - her tears kept flowing.... another victim of economic desperation in Uganda exploited by HK's Nigerian Drug Lords based at Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui. As the barrister said in his appeal for mitigation "it beggars belief that the (HK) authorities have not taken action to stop the Mirador Mansion gang".

April 7

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March 10

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March 5:  Really moving letter in English by a Ugandan inmate in a HK prison - describing the terrible ordeal of being arrested in a foreign country for drug trafficking:

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February 15 Letter in English and Luganda from a Ugandan inmate in a HK prison, explaining how she was tricked into bringing drugs to HK. May letters like this help stop  Africans being imprisoned in HK for drug trafficking

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February 13

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February 11

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